Habitat Surveys

EINC is expert in habitat mapping and analyses using the following techniques:

Phase 1 Habitat Survey

This is a baseline botanical appraisal of a site’s ecology. Such surveys will identify and map Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) habitat types and any invasive weeds, together with whether the site is likely to support protected species.


National Vegetation Classification (NVC)

This is a detailed botanical survey of vascular plants, mosses and liverworts. The aim is to provide a semiquantitative and comparative analysis of the different habitats within a site. Such assessments are essential in statutory sites of national conservation value, as well as non-statutory sites of regional, county and district value.Common Standards Monitoring
This is an on-going and accountable system developed by Natural England for assessing and summarising the condition of a protected UK site. At the same time management recommendations are made wherever appropriate.

Additional surveys – these include both River Corridor Surveys and Hedgerow Evaluation and Grading Surveys (HEGS).